While Quantum Mechanics (QM) is recognized today as one of the most successful physical theories, Quantum Information (QI) has become one of the major fields of present technological research and development. However, it is a common place to say that we do not know what the quantum theory is talking about. And, although the features that once were considered as problems —like Schrödinger's cat, entanglement, non-separability and contextuality— are nowadays resources of technical applications, we still continue to lack a semantic and a conceptual representation for QM.

Our network aims at tackling these important and fascinating questions with the conviction that it is an interdisciplinary and critical approach to the foundations on QM and QI what will allow us to bridge the gap between our understanding of the theory and its technical applications, producing a new horizon for scientific research and technological development.

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International Network on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information        2022
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